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  1. Always positioning himself as a pan-Africanist, Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has been reluctant to take a tough stance against neighbouring countries even in the face of provocation. However, he has now taken a strong view on Kenya’s Turkana cattle rustling communities who frequent Uganda and have been accused of stealing cattle from Karamojong.
  2. Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa has distanced himself from a new law meant to conceal how taxpayers’ money is used to procure assets and equipment in the health ministry. Analysts say this clearly shows the levels of confusion within the top echelons of power.
  3. President Mnangagwa has blamed the recent local currency devaluation on businesses taking advantage of cheap foreign currency and sabotaging the government’s reputation in the run up to elections.
  4. Since being appointed president of Dow’s Africa operations in late February, Sami Mainich has been on the lookout for partnership opportunities across the continent with governments and the private sector alike, relying completely on an African workforce in his pursuit.
  5. A surprise announcement of Nigeria Air’s demonstration flight by Hadi Sirika, Nigeria’s aviation minister who served under ex-president Muhammadu Buhari, came despite a court order barring the airline from flying, indicating that a protracted legal battle against the proposed carrier is anything but over.