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  1. The security situation in the Baltic Sea has changed significantly during the past few years. Aircraft border started occurring more often and those have been followed by a number of recent major Naval exercises by Russia and NATO.
    Once Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO process started there were discussions about the Baltic Sea being

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  2. The report was on 1st of June handed over to the Norwegian Storting by Dagfinn Høybråten, leader of the country’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
    It has taken the 12-person expert group five years to complete the report that was commissioned by the parliament in 2018. The legislators wanted a historical mapping of the government policy towards the

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  3. COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – The Faroe Islands said on Thursday it would tightly restrict access to its ports by Russian fishing trawlers, after Norwegian police said some that docked there regularly were carrying military radio equipment.
    Faroese authorities initially tightened inspections of fishing and transport vessels in response to the police comments, reported in April by

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  4. OSLO (Reuters) – The U.S. will open its northernmost diplomatic station in the Norwegian Arctic town of Tromsoe, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Thursday, at a time when cooperation among the Arctic nations has been hit by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
    The region is becoming strategically more important as a shrinking ice cap

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  5. On board a Russian fishing vessel 

    “This is the steering wheel and this is where you control the speed.” Alexey Reginya, the captain of the Russian fishing vessel “Yantarny” shows me the ship’s bridge. This huge vessel, built in the 1980s, rises high in the harbour of the arctic Norwegian town Kirkenes,

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