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Albania | Balkan Insight
  1. Albania is jumping up the international tourism rankings – but a chronic lack of infrastructure and workers suggests that the sector’s true potential may not be realised.
  2. State body in charge of Communist-era secret police files said it has started a search for the graves and remains of some 44 Albanians who perished in the infamous labour camp of Spac.
  3. The tradition of cultivating silkworms in Albania is disappearing – but one family in northern Albania still nurtures the worms and makes highly-prized silken products.
  4. At the start of the 20th century, dozens of families from Ulcinj in Montenegro emigrated to Durres, where their seafaring traditions helped develop Albania’s commercial fleets.
  5. Reported plan to place Albania’s Academy of Albanological Studies under the control of the Academy of Science – which is led by a pro-government politician – has drawn angry protests.