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  1. Demand from the United States for the plant-based liqueur Chartreuse has never been greater. But the French monastic community that makes it has refused to up production, preferring to save time for contemplation and preserving the planet.
  2. French President Emmanuel Macron has awarded France's highest medal of honour to the US Joint Chiefs chairman, Gen. Mark Milley, for his role in coordinating support for Ukraine and for his more than 40-year military career spent in defence of democracy.
  3. France managed to avoid a fresh credit downgrade from a leading rating agency on Friday, despite mounting concern over the country's surging national debt.
  4. France's surging national debt is causing increasing alarm with the country risking a fresh warning on Friday over its credit rating after a downgrade.
  5. A coalition of French environmental organisations on Thursday accused the French state of negligence in regulating the use of pesticides. A final ruling will be handed down by the Paris administrative court on 15 June.