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  1. From finding the best cultural events this month to enjoying the classic Italian breakfast, our weekly newsletter La Bella Vita offers you an essential starting point for eating, talking, drinking and living like an Italian.
  2. It's human nature to look for a loophole, shortcut or workaround to the rules, but most of the advertised 'dodges' to the EU's 90-day rule are nothing of the sort.
  3. Airline passengers travelling to or from Italy are set to face further disruption on Sunday, June 4th due to a 24-hour airport staff walkout which has already caused ITA Airways, the country's flag air carrier, to cancel 116 flights.
  4. Staff at airports around Italy are planning a walkout on Sunday, June 4th. Here's which of the country's airports are expected to see the most disruption.
  5. What exactly does Italy celebrate on Republic Day on June 2nd?