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  1. By Rodrigo Orihuela and Macarena Munoz A few months ago, when apartments in a luxury building on Padilla Street in Madrid’s upscale Salamanca neighborhood went on sale, more than half of them were bought by wealthy Mexicans. The project, with 25 homes costing up to US$3.25 million each, is financed mainly by Mexican investors and […]
  2. For some time now, almost everything in Latin America has had something to do with China, warns Spanish economist Alicia García Herrero. The relationship between the two regions began with commodity trade when China became the main buyer of raw materials after putting its economy "on steroids" to protect itself from the effects of the […]
  3. Unlike in Chile, Bolivia, or Mexico, the national State does not control lithium production in Argentina. The provisions of the 1994 constitution granted the original domain of natural resources to the provinces, thanks to which multinationals have “investor-friendly” conditions. “Imagine a pro-business country in South America, attractive to foreign capital and offers political stability for […]
  4. The national health regulator (Anvisa) has revoked the two ordinances issued during the pandemic with sanitary measures for foreigners entering the country. With the revocation, Brazilians or foreigners entering Brazil are no longer required to present proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test. According to Anvisa, the end of the requirements was motivated by […]
  5. Business people, including Individual Microentrepreneurs, can compare new cars or motorcycles with up to a 30% discount. The benefit is a way to encourage a company's activities, such as cargo transport. The purchase modality is through direct sales - a negotiation between the manufacturer and the entrepreneurs without the intermediation of third parties. To buy […]